Hi! This is GoldFiz

He is a very hungry goldfish

If you feed him, he will enhance your Steam Marketing with

Campaign Measurement

Have every campaign under your scope by using our custom generated campaign links!

Super Simple Integration

Our quick start SDKs makes implementation easier than ever!

Increased Profits

Spend your budget and promote winning campaigns to maximize profits!

Maximum Privacy

We are advocates of data privacy, therefore, GoldFiz is designed to protect your user data throughout the conversion attribution process. User data is hashed and inaccessible during the process. Once the conversion is attributed everything is wiped from our temporary database!


User-friendly interface

As we are only able to track clicks & conversions, our UI is very “noob-friendly”!

Cost efficiency

Unlike similar solutions providers, we don’t charge a flat rate. Our pricing is on a per client basis making it ideal for both AAA companies and indie developers! We probably shouldn’t point to the fact this solution is simple.

How GoldFiz works

GoldFiz "feeds" with information after a user clicks your link. Then, he immediately hashes your user data and makes it inaccessible

GoldFiz "feeds" with information after a user launches your game for the first time. Once again, this data is hashed and inaccessible

GoldFiz matches the "food" he received and successfully attributes the conversion of the campaign

As every goldfish, GoldFiz has a terrible memory. Once the conversion is attributed, your user data is deleted and forgotten!

There are many Steam solutions but

GoldFiz is different

  • GoldFiz supports multiple campaigns
  • GoldFiz can either be integrated via API or by SDK
  • GoldFiz will never track your users
  • GoldFiz ensures user safety by only attributing Clicks & Conversions. Nothing else
  • GoldFiz has a dedicated team, ready to help you 24/7
  • GoldFiz is fully GDPR compliant and not just "in paper"
Now that you know everything

Let GoldFiz make your game the next big thing on Steam